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Remembrance Day in Gettysburg

Today is Remembrance Day in Gettysburg - November 19. This is the anniversary of the dedication of the Soldier's Cemetery (the National Military Cemetery) which took place on November 19, 1863. On that day, various important people, including President Lincoln, rode on horseback or walked from the center of the town to the newly created cemetery. It was on this day that Lincoln gave his famous speech, known as the Gettysburg Address.

Today, wreaths were laid in the cemetery, and speeches were made. The keynote speaker was Sam Donaldson, and, as usual, the Gettysburg Address was delivered by James Getty, our good neighbour and celebrated Lincoln Re-enactor.

Tomorrow we will have a parade from Lincoln Square to the cemetery. Our guests will have a grandstand view, and we hope they will be joined by friends and family.

Late flowering clematis

This clematis (var. Reiman) is near the steps of our c.1830 Welty House. It started flowering in early November and is at its peak now (Nov.15)! It's the second flowering, the first was in June. It faces West and hasn't had an easy year, having had to compete with other flowers. I'll remember this late blooming because it's close to Remembrance Weekend when we usually close the water feature for the winter.

Brian Duncan (Nov.15, 2010)

Fall in Gettysburg

Fall seems nearly over, although the tree colors are amazing. The weather has been gorgeous - sunny days in the 60s and though cold at night only touches of frost. The fine weather seems to attract visitors, and we were full this weekend.

Next weekend is the celebration of Remembrance Day. This year the Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address is on Friday (Nov.19). The Parade on the following day, Saturday, Nov.20, is the best of the year, with regiment after regiment of re-enactors - from North and South. They come down Baltimore Street to the Cemetery, so we get a grandstand view.

Friday, December 3: National Wreath Project

On Friday, Dec. 3, volunteers will gather at the Gettysburg National Cemetery and place over 1,600 Christmas Wreaths on the graves of our Veterans. This project is an extension of a program started four years ago by John and Susan McColley and the Sgt Mac Foundation. The McColleys are parents of Gettysburg native and United States Marine Corps Sergeant Eric McColley who was killed along with 7 other Marines and 2 Airmen in a helicopter accident in the Horn of Africa on 17 February 2006. This year we will expand the number of Wreaths to include ALL of the headstones in the original section of the Gettysburg National Cemetery. With the financial assistance of local and other Veterans organizations, private and business support we are able to expand this program. We also received and are seeking assistance from any patriotic Americans across the Country.

Meet at the Giant Food Store parking lot on Route 30/York Road in Gettysburg, PA at 0800 Friday December 3rd, 2010 to tie the bows on t…