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Underground Railroad Tour in Biglerville

Stay at Gettysburg's finest lodging, The Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, for your Underground Railroad Tour in Adams County. You visit the Quaker Valley, just eight miles north of Gettysburg and learn how runaway slaves were sheltered. Also, hear how slaves were kidnapped and taken back South. The two-hour tour costs $15 for adults and $5 for students; little walking involved. For more details contact Gettysburg Histories or call 717-528-8553, or 717-357-5812.

Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast Ghost Walk Package

Gettysburg's premier bed and breakfast, The Brickhouse Inn, is now offering a Ghost Walk Package for $39/couple plus lodging. A costumed guide will lead you by lantern through streets and fields, telling you about other-worldly encounters. The package consists of two tickets for the Ghost Walk, an autographed book of ghost stories, and ice creams or sundaes at a nearby ice cream parlor - and, we give you a free DVD of Haunted Gettysburg to take home and share the stories! See this and our other packages on our website page "Packages".

Adams Seminar Series in Gettysburg

The Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast is the ideal accommodation for attending the John Scott Adams Seminar Series given by the Gettysburg Foundation. This series offers in-depth looks at aspects of the Battle of Gettysburg. For more information you can contact The Gettysburg Foundation, or call 717-334-3460, ext. 221.

"The Presidents of Mt Rushmore, June 17

The Presidents of Mount Rushmore are coming to Gettysburg on June 17, as part of the Gettysburg Festival of arts, culture and cuisine. At our historic Majestic Theater they will present their views on the US Constitution. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt will be portrayed by celebrated re-enactors. Lincoln will be portrayed by our own (next door neighbour) Jim Getty. He is known as America's foremost Lincoln portrayer and has travelled the world in this role for over 30 years. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from The Gettysburg Festival, or call (717) 334-0853.

Spring Discount! Our special offer for April

Gettysburg's premier B&B, The Brickhouse Inn, is offering a special Spring Discount in April 2011 - 10% off the room rate, Sunday through Thursday. So you can stay at our historic accommodations for a special price and enjoy comfortable rooms and lavish breakfasts. You'll be within easy walking distance of most of the shops and restaurants. Let's hope we get some lovely spring weather in April!

Evening Walking Tours in Gettysburg

Two new evening walking tours have been introduced by Guided Historic Walking Tours.

"Unsolved Mysteries of Gettysburg": an evening of fun and mystery exploring some of Gettysburg's most notorious true stories of murder, lies, scandal and curiosities.

"Gettysburg's Mysteries, Oddities & Strange Occurrences": an entertaining tour through the southern end of the town.

Both these tours start at the American Civil War Wax Museum in Steinwehr Avenue, about five minutes walk from Gettysburg's finest historic lodgings - The Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Tour times and prices, as well as further detailed information can be found at Gettysburg Historic Walking Tours, or you can call Joanne Lewis, Program Coordinator, at 717-339-6161.

Guided Historic Walking Tours in Gettysburg

The story of residents of the town - the people who endured three days of the Battle and months of hardship later. Your licensed guide will tell their stories in an entertaining and informative 90 minute walking tour. This tour includes Baltimore Street - location of the historic Brickhouse Inn, Gettysburg's premier bed and breakfast.

Tour times and prices, as well as further detailed information can be found at Gettysburg Historic Walking Tours, or you can call Joanne Lewis, Program Coordinator, at 717-339-6161.

Information about evening walking tours will be in tomorrow's blog.

Gettysburg B&B or hotel?

When you can stay at the Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, the best B&B in Gettysburg, why stay at a hotel? We serve breakfasts, not lunch or supper, but there are many good restaurants within easy walking distance - the Dobbin House, J's at the Village, The Pub & Restaurant, The Blue Parrot, and La Bella Italia, to name a few. If you can venture a few miles out you can dine at The Cashtown Inn, The Fairfield Inn, and The Carriage House in Emmitsburg.

We think you might prefer us to a hotel because all our rooms are unique, we have a lovely garden, our location in the downtown historic area is ideal for easy walking to shops and restaurants, yet the Battlefield Park is a mere 100 yards behind us, and the Soldier's Cemetery, where President Lincoln gave his immortal Address is two minutes walk away. Also, we provide a matchless service to help you enjoy your time in this most historic of towns.

Plans for Gettysburg's 150th Battle Anniversary

The Brickhouse Inn Bed & Breakfast is the ideal location for lodging during events celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.

In previous blogs I've mentioned the 'kick-off' events in Greencastle (April 8-10), Chambersburg (April 15-17), Fairfield (April 22-23) and Gettysburg (April 29-30).

Make sure that you check the event calendar regularly.

Please call The Brickhouse Inn on 1-800-864-3464 if you need information.

Celebrate your Anniversary in Gettysburg, America's most famous small town

Celebrate your Anniversary in Gettysburg's premier award-winning historic lodging, the romantic Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. Our Anniversary Package is proving popular. For $99 we provide a chilled bottle of wine (which you can upgrade to Californian champagne), a bouquet of flowers in your room, and a $50 dinner certificate for the Dobbin House Restaurant. This celebrated (but not formal) historic dining establishment is a mere three minutes walk from our Inn, and we will reserve you table for you celebration dinner. Now that spring is here you might be able to sip your wine on one of our patios, or in the shade of one of the trees in the lovely gardens.

Cleaning up Gettysburg, April 2

Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast staff will try to join the cleanup in Gettysburg at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 2. This will include Lincoln Square, Carlisle Street to the Station, York Street as far as Liberty Street, Chambersburg Street from the Square to Buford Ave, and Baltimore Street as far as Steinwehr Ave. To join up send an email to Al Ferranto at, or contact Annette Weintraub at 717-337-3491, ext.4.

Sweep your own sidewalk, pick up trash, and keep Adams County beautiful!

Culinary Arts, The Gettysburg Festival

You can stay at the best accommodations in Gettysburg, the Brickhouse Inn B&B, while you sample the culinary arts at the Gettysburg Festival.

Friday, June 16, 5 pm: Edible Art Tour: Visit galleries throughout the historic district and meet famous artists and top chefs.

Saturday, June 19, 1-5 pm: 'Blues, Beer and BBQ': Celebrate Father's Day at picnic barbeque with fine craft beer, accompanied by light blues music.

For more information see Gettysburg Festival.

Gettysburg Festival, June 10-19, 2011

Stay in premier lodgings, the Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in downtown historic Gettysburg, while you visit the annual Festival - American arts, culture and cuisine. The festival includes local music, folk art, garden tours and historic Gettysburg events.

Friday, June 10, 'Straight No Chaser' performs classic hits from the 50s and 60s, along with Motown and modern classics. Enjoy stylish music in an outdoor concert setting, under the stars.

Saturday, June 18, The All-American Brass Picnic provides excellent music in a shady park setting. American picnic fare available to order.

More information about other events in future blogs.

For more information visit the Gettysburg Festival website.

Gettysburg National Cemetery

Gettysburg's premier award-winning lodging, the Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, is a mere two minutes walk from the Gettysburg National Cemetery, also known as the Soldiers' Cemetery. Visitors to the town ought to visit this historic park, where President Lincoln gave his celebrated Gettysburg Address. Here you can walk among tall trees and monuments to soldiers who fell in the Battle.

I recommend an interesting book: "Lincoln and the Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg National Cemetery", by James Cole and Roy Frampton. They give a detailed account of the founding of the burial place for Union soldiers killed in the Battle, as well as the dedication ceremony. The authors were instrumental in finding the spot where Lincoln gave his speech - which is actually just over the fence in the civilian cemetery.

The National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg

This museum is a partner in Pennsylvania's Civil War 150th Anniversary initiative. In addition to the usual exhibits, the museum is hosting a series of year-long exhibits in 2011-2015 that will highlight the events, battles and personalities of those year. The 1861 exhibit opened on January 26 and discusses the inaugurations of Lincoln and Davis, the road to secession, the firing on Fort Sumter, the Baltimore Riots, and more. There will also be some lecture series. You can find more details at National Civil War Museum or call 717-260-1861.

Pennsylvania Civil War Road Show

This is a travelling museum - an expandable 53 ft tractor-trailer that will visit all 67 counties in the next four years. The exhibitions are designed to be highly interactive and visual. At each location local organistations will add their own exhibitions. The Road Show will come to Adams County, and I'll let you know as soon as I have their dates. Please consider staying at the Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast when you come to see this innovative road show.

Gettysburg's 150th Anniversary

Yesterday, Tessa and I attended a town meeting to hear about plans for Gettysburg's part in the 150th anniversary of the Civil War - starting this year. We heard from members of the organising committee about various activities that will hopefully ensure that this historic town does its best to make the anniversary attractive to visitors. Also, we want to leave a legacy of improved facilities for future generations. The core attractions - the Battlefield, the Soldier's National Cemetery, and the Visitor Center, are always there, but we need to add some special events, as well as improve some of the infrastructure. This is an encouraging start.

Signs of Spring in Gettysburg!

Signs of Spring can be seen in the garden of the Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in Gettysburg! Crocuses are flowering, and daffodil and tulip bulbs are shooting. The buds on cherry trees and roses are swelling. Can Spring be here? Not quite, but it's definitely on the way, and we won't let a thin carpet of snow persuade us otherwise. The Bradford Pear trees on Baltimore Street will soon be blossoming, and I promise to post a photo when they do.

Lee/Jackson Forum in Gettysburg, March 12

You can stay at the Brickhouse Inn, Gettysburg's premier bed and breakfast while you enjoy the 2nd Annual Lee/Jackson Forum, celebrating the birthdays of two of the Civil War's greatest generals. Enjoy an evening hearing about the characters and legacies of General Robert E. Lee and General 'Stonewall' Jackson. The featured speaker is Walter D. Kennedy, renowned author of "Why Not Freedom! America's Revolt Against Big Government", "Was Jefferson Davis Right?" and many other books. The Forum is held at the Gettysburg Hotel in Lincoln Square, 6-10 p.m., Saturday, March 12.