Gettysburg B&B or hotel?

When you can stay at the Brickhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, the best B&B in Gettysburg, why stay at a hotel? We serve breakfasts, not lunch or supper, but there are many good restaurants within easy walking distance - the Dobbin House, J's at the Village, The Pub & Restaurant, The Blue Parrot, and La Bella Italia, to name a few. If you can venture a few miles out you can dine at The Cashtown Inn, The Fairfield Inn, and The Carriage House in Emmitsburg.

We think you might prefer us to a hotel because all our rooms are unique, we have a lovely garden, our location in the downtown historic area is ideal for easy walking to shops and restaurants, yet the Battlefield Park is a mere 100 yards behind us, and the Soldier's Cemetery, where President Lincoln gave his immortal Address is two minutes walk away. Also, we provide a matchless service to help you enjoy your time in this most historic of towns.


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