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Authentic Victorian Photo Package!

The Brickhouse Inn has introduced a new package - the Victorian Photograph Package ($120/couple). Guests can visit the Victorian Photography Studio in Steinwehr Avenue (about two minutes walk from the Inn) and have their photo taken using the authentic techniques of the period. They will be dressed in period costume and shown the image development process. The 5" x 7" tintype or glass photo is a lasting memory of their visit to Gettysburg, and usually costs $69.95. Our package also includes a $50 dinner certificate for the historic Dobbin House restaurant, and hot fudge sundaes at Sunset icecream parlor.

Best B&B in Gettysburg!

The Brickhouse Inn was voted 'Best B&B in Gettysburg' in a poll conducted by the magazine Celebrate Gettysburg. Tessa and Brian went to the presentation - there were about ten categories, including Best Hotel and Best Restaurant. The magazine took some great pics which we'll try to put on the blog.